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Leak Detection

We pride ourselves here at Water Leak Detective in our ability to find leaks quickly and at a low cost.

To see if you need our services, a simple way to determine if you have a water leak is to ensure that there are no leaking taps, toilets and that there are no visible above ground water leaks. Ensure that no water is used during the test. Check the reading on the water meter, after 15 minutes recheck the meter. If reading on the water meter has increased then there is a strong possibility of an underground water leak. 

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Leak detection


A leak does not have to be large to be significant.

What does leak detection involve?

Leak Detection in Sunshine Coast in Action
  • Leak detection involves the use of hi-tech non-invasive equipment to pinpoint your leak. There is no damage to your property, i.e. no drilling, excavation, dirt or disruption.
  • The Sunshine Coast team will record all activity, along with photographs where appropriate.
  • Upon detection of the leak we will discuss with you how best it can be fixed. The majority of fixes can be done same day at a standard cost, including pipes buried in concrete screed. A complex leak may need to be capped on the day and would therefore require a return visit which we will arrange with you at an agreed cost.
  • Once the leak has been fixed it will be tested. When finished, we will complete a report.
  • The report will be reviewed before releasing it to you for your approval.
  • If you have suffered water damage from the leak, we will discuss next steps with you. Our team based in Sunshine Coast includes water damage specialists who can prepare detailed schedules of repair work and cost estimates.
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