The Water Leaks Detective

Water Leak Detective is North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast’s roof repair experts, delivering the best quality detection & repair services for all your roof. We're qualified to service both residential and commercial buildings, so, whether you're a business or homeowner you can trust us to get the job done right; first time - all the time.

As part of offering a full range of services we also trace and repair minor and major roof leaks.

With over 25 years of leak detection experience, we have gained a very good understanding of the causes of roof leaks.

Often roof leaks are not as sinister as one may think, on closer inspection, we often find that roof leaks can be cost-effectively repaired. If there are major structural problems we can refer you to a reputable roofing company.

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About Water Leak Detective

Water Leak Detective is a family owned business that operates on the Sunshine Coast. We have over 25 years of combined experience in specialised water leak detection.

At Water Leak Detective we are passionate about providing the most cost and time effective outcome, in order to resolve our client’s water leaks.

We pride ourselves in providing a service of excellence to our clients, making sure their problem is our priority.

Our goal is to quickly and effectively trace mysterious water leaks, saving the property owner money by eliminating unnecessary digging and damage to property.

With the use of our specialised equipment it allows us to accurately pinpoint the location of the water leak, ensuring that the located area is opened up in order to repair the water leak.


MARKWurtulla, Sunshine Coast
I was given a Water Leak Detective business card, as I had a water leak somewhere on my property. I called Alec, who responded within two hours, pin pointed the source of the leak within an hour of arrival. I highly recommend their services and pricing.
JULIANCoolum, Sunshine Coast
I was refereed to Water Leak Detective by a friend who also experienced a water leak problem. I discovered I had a water leak after receiving my Unity water bill and my water bill had tripled. I contacted Alec from Water Leak Detective and was surprised by the prompt service I received and he found the water leak under our drive way and managed to pin point the problem in less than an hour.